Additional security at no extra cost? Sounds too good to be true, but with the brand new Magicard Rio Pro ID card printer and the built-in HoloKote secure watermark system it’s possible. HoloKote comes standard with all Magicard printers and protects your ID cards and badges from counterfeiting and tampering with a simple step that is already included in the printing process.

HoloKote uses the clear overlay panel on an YMCKO or YMCKOK printer ribbon to produce one of four secure patterns selectable from the Magicard Rio Pro’s printer drivers. The watermark is easily visible under normal light conditions when flexed or held at an angle. When combined with Magicard HoloPatch cards one section of the secure watermark is highlighted to create a high visibility security seal.
The Rio Pro supports enhanced HoloKote security options. With the Custom HoloKote Key you can design your own watermark using text or your company’s logo. The Key is a memory card that electronically stores and encrypts the custom graphic and also acts as a printer lock to ensure that no unauthorized users can print ID cards using the customized watermark. With HoloKote FLEX, you can determine the size and positioning of the watermark across the surface of you ID cards. Like the Custom HoloKote Key, HoloKote FLEX can also be used as a printer lock.
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