Do you want to protect your ID cards from the weather, daily wear, potential scratches, and more? ID badge holders keep your badges protected by placing them in durable holders that securely attach to lanyards, reels, or clip onto your clothing for easy access while providing protection for longer-lasting cards. Badge holders come in a wide variety of styles and materials, so you can pick the holders that work best for your ID card program.

Standard badge holders are made from clear, flexible materials. They may have a hole at the top to attach to your lanyard or badge reel, a clip to attach to clothing, or a magnetic attachment.

Do you need to prevent the badges from bending or folding? Rigid badge holders, available in both vertical and horizontal orientation, are made from hard colored plastic to keep your badges flat at all times.

If your badges do not need to be removed from the holder after it’s initially placed there, Proximity badge holders lock the card into the holder.

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