Hospitals and other healthcare facilities see a wide range of people walk through their doors including doctors, nurses, visitors and patients. Implementing an ID card program can enhance security by properly identifying staff and visitors while increasing the overall efficiency of operations.

A high level of security is important in a hospital setting given the large number of people that pass through the facilities. If there are restricted areas in the hospital, ID cards make it easier to identify authorized personnel and can even be programmed to act as access control cards. ID badges also provide a way for patients to visually identify who is providing their care.
Healthcare ID card systems can also be used to print visitor ID badges. A visitor management system requires that visitors first check in with reception before they wander the halls of the hospital, preventing potential intruders from roaming freely.
ID cards are even being used to store patient medical records. Patient ID cards can be used during the registration process and help speed up the check-in process. ID cards also provide more accurate record keeping and eliminate the need for mountains of paperwork.
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