Scratch-off ribbons are a fun way to create unique cards for your customers – popular with gift cards, scratch-off rewards cards, and more. But do you know how these ribbons work?

How scratch-off ribbons work

There are several steps to printing a card with a scratch-off ribbon.

  1. First, design and print your card like normal – including the information you want covered by the scratch-off panel.
  2. Second, design a new monochrome card with a black box over the part of the card where you want the scratch-off material applied.
  3. Finally, put the scratch-off ribbon in your printer and print the new monochrome box design over your cards – this will apply the scratch-off box over the information you want to cover.

To make this process easier you should first batch print your cards with the base design, and then batch print those same cards a second time to apply the scratch-off ribbon.

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