Wondering what thin cards are used for? We’ve got the low-down on the benefits of these slim ID cards. Thin cards are used for a couple of different purposes in the ID industry. For one, thin cards (typically 10mil) can be used to produce professional business cards that are more durable than their ordinary paper counterpart. Not only will these cards hold up better, your business cards will stand out from the pack.

Adhesive-back thin cards are commonly used with technology cards that are too thick for some ID card printers. The card information is printed on the thin card and then affixed to the thicker technology card. These cards can be CR79-sized, which means that they are slightly smaller than standard CR80, credit-card sized cards. The smaller size allows the cards to fit into the inside edge of a technology or proximity card with ease.
Not all ID card printers can accommodate thin cards, so make sure you check the printing guidelines for your specific printer model before purchasing thin cards.