Creating highly secure, multipurpose employee ID badges is simplified with the Magicard Rio Pro. Ideal for mid to large-size corporations, this ID card printer is built especially durable. With a powerful print engine as well as input and output hoppers, The Rio Pro cuts through large batches in no time.

In addition to producing great looking results, the Rio Pro can encode and secure cards. It’s highly versatile with optional upgrades to encode magnetic stripe, contact and contactless cards. Also available for upgrade is the ability to print dual-sided cards. The Rio Pro is an ideal solution for growing companies, as it meets today’s demands and yet can change to accommodate an evolving card program.
The Rio Pro prints high-quality images and text, and can secure cards with a generic or custom watermark overlay. Holokote protects a card program against illicit replication, making this printer a great solution for corporations concerned with counterfeit cards. Encoded cards offer a breadth of security features, such as access control into and within buildings and computer networks. Encoded cards can also increase convenience around the work place with cashless payment of food and attendance tracking.
Lastly, the Rio Pro integrates easily into an office with its Ethernet connectivity.
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