If you need to display an ID badge every day at work, make it pop with colorful ID accessories from AlphaCard! Choose from a wide range of lanyards, reels, and even holders that add some fun to your ID card.


Lanyards may be the ID accessory you are most familiar with, just because they are so easy to use! But you aren’t limited to just solid black lanyards – choose from a wide range of colors (and patterns!) and features.

Badge Reels

Badge reels are just as easy to use at lanyards, with the added bonus of keeping your cards out of the way while working (an important consideration for anyone who moves a lot like teachers and healthcare workers).

Badge Holders

Badge holders are a great alternative to slot punching your cards (which can potentially break expensive prox and smart cards) while still allowing you to use reels and lanyards. And badge holders have the added bonus of protecting your cards from damage so they last longer.