If you are looking for a more flexible ID card program, one that allows your cardholders to take more control over their data (freeing up your own time for other tasks!), EasyBadge software may be your solution! Recently added to AlphaCard’s wide range of card design software, EasyBadge comes in two editions and includes a free mobile app.

How EasyBadge Works

EasyBadge has two main components – the desktop application (PC only), and a free mobile app for iPhone and Android.

The desktop software is your central hub. It stores your database and controls who has access via mobile app.

The mobile app is the key to a flexible card program, because your cardholders can do much of the work for you – with the mobile app you can create your record, fill in all your personal data, select your card design, and even take or load a photo!

The data from the mobile app is them loaded to the cloud and synced with your database, so users can update their information at any time from anywhere without waiting.

EasyBadge Editions

Choose from two editions of EasyBadge software – Lite and Professional.

EasyBadge Lite is for small organizations, and has a strict limit of 100 records in the internal database; once you hit 100 records, the records can no longer be edited or replaced.

If you need more than 100 records, or to connect an external database, choose EasyBadge Professional. The Professional edition has an unlimited built-in database, and supports multiple external database connections.

Both Lite and Professional come with the same design features, and the step-by-step wizard makes it quick and easy to design new cards. If you load a logo or image, the software will even create several card designs for you based around that design and colors!

Learn more about EasyBadge software, or download a free software demo today!