As more and more schools require student and staff to display their photo ID cards during the school day, it’s important that you pick the right ID accessories. Use this guide to see all your accessory options.


The most popular option, lanyards are extremely common in colleges and universities because they can easily hold multiple cards or keys. But even in k-12 schools, lanyards are the easiest way to keep your photo IDs visible at all times and work with any style of clothing or uniform because they are worn around the neck.

For teachers and staff who want something fun, fashion lanyards help show off your personality while still getting all the practical benefits of lanyards.

If you’re worried about safety, lanyards with safety breakaway options are designed to automatically open if they are pulled on or caught on something to prevent harm to the wearer.

Badge Reels

ID badge reels are a popular and efficient ID card accessory – they keep your ID cards easily visible and also close at hand for scanning in the lunch line or the library. Badge reels typically have one of two attachment options – a belt clip or swivel clip. Both options work with a wide range of clothing and uniforms.

No-twist badge reels are designed to keep your badges facing forward at all times, an important security feature desired by many school districts.

Clips, Pins, and Magnets

If lanyards or badge reels aren’t what you had in mind for your school IDs, there is also a wide range of ID straps, clips, pins and magnets.

Strap clips are designed to easily and quickly slip through the slot punch on an ID card and then clip onto the cardholder’s clothing. Along with some pins, strap clips are reusable so they are often used with visitor ID badges.

Magnetic attachments and some pins have an adhesive on the back – to use the, you stick the magnet or pin directly onto the card. These are not reusable, unlike other pins and strap clips that can be reused from ID to ID.

Badge Holders

If you want your ID badges to last the entire school year, consider using ID badge holders. These clear plastic sleeves protect your badges from scratches and scrapes, so the images and text stay clear all year long. ID badge holders also make it easy to attach photo IDs to lanyards and badge holders without slot punching each card.

For multifunctional ID cards with magnetic stripes, often used to pay for lunch and check books out at the library, you’ll want to use half-card badge holders that leave the magnetic stripe uncovered for easy use.

Popular for visitors and substitute teachers, clip on badge holders work with both printed PVC cards and hand-written visitor passes.

Customized Accessories

If you want to highlight your school colors, mascot, or motto, a custom ID accessory is a great option!