Aside from being randomly searched, losing your toiletries under the strict no-liquid policy, and having your airline conveniently drop your luggage in say, Kathmandu instead of Kalamazoo, traveling with a pet is one of the more stressful traveling experiences. There’s the weight limits, the exact measurements of the traveling crate, making sure that a pet will be safe and comfortable in the cargo hold or cabin, and finally, waiting out the anxiety of a long plane ride.

To help reduce the stress levels that are already pumping through airports – many pet owners have started to make pet ID cards. Two cards are made – one for the crate and one for the owner’s wallet – with information like name, breed, address, owner name and phone numbers, veterinarian, microchip number, alternate contact information and any other important information like allergies on the front of the card. A photo can also be used in case of a monumental mix-up. With the card prominently affixed to the crate and stuck in the owner’s wallet, miscommunications and mishandling can be greatly reduced, while helping owners retain peace of mind.
Aside from plane rides, Pet ID cards can help during doggie day care, kenneling during vacations, vet trips, at the groomer’s or at pet stores where dogs and other animals are encouraged to run free.