Security is an absolutely necessity at hospitals and healthcare centers due to their access to medication and private patient information. Easily and clearly identifying staff is one part of this process – do you know how these popular ID accessories can help?

Healthcare Badge Buddies

Badge buddies are specifically designed for use at hospitals and other healthcare facilities – they are large, eye-catching, color-coordinated cards that sit behind your staff ID and clearly identify your role.

They are used as an important part of a hospital’s security protocol by making it easier to identify staff members.

Choose from vertical or horizontal badge buddies with options for Doctor, RN, LPN, Physician, and NA.

Custom Lanyards & Badge Reels

Hospitals use some combination of lanyards and badge reels so staff can keep their cards close at hand – the cards are used all day long to unlock doors, check out medication, access records, log into computers, and more.

Many hospitals choose to order custom lanyards and custom badge reels with their hospital name printed on them. These unique accessories add both style and function because they can help you spot employees with real ID badges and accessories.

With both lanyards and reels, it can be important to keep ID cards facing forward for easy identification. Attachments like wide plastic hooks and no-twist reels are the go-to options.

Need Help?

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