You can spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on your ID card printer and supplies, and then spend time setting up your cardholder database and designing your cards – but if you aren’t taking care of your ID card printer, all that money and time can be wasted when your printer is damaged.

Why You Need to Clean Your Printer

ID card printers, just like any other electronic device, need to be protected from dust, debris, dirt, spills, and harsh environments. Otherwise you can damage the printhead, the rollers, the sensors, and many other internal parts that can cost you money and time to repair.

The best step you can take to protect your investment is to regularly clean your card printer! Using cleaning cards, pens, and swabs, you can remove dust and dirt that can build up inside the printer. We recommend cleaning your printer every time you switch out the ribbon. For helpful videos and guides on how to clean a printer, check out the Printer Support section of the AlphaCard Technical Support site.

How you store your printer is another way you can protect it – card printers should be kept in a cool, dry space. You can also use a dust cover or case to protect the printer from accidental spills or dust and debris build-up when you aren’t using it (helpful for organizations that batch print cards every once in a while and do not use the printer on a daily basis).

Shop Cleaning Kits on AlphaCard

We carry all the supplies you need for cleaning your ID card printer. Shop cleaning kits from leading card printer manufacturers:

Not sure which cleaning kit you need? Try our Supply Finder tool – just enter in your printer manufacturer and printer model and we’ll give you a list of all the compatible supplies.