HID Global announced today that it has joined forces with Dynamic Card Solutions to develop and launch CardWizard FCP 20/20, an instant issuance system for printing financial cards. CardWizard FCP 20/20 works using the same high definition printing technology found in Fargo’s line of HDP ID card printers. Fargo’s high definition printing process enables users of the system to produce sophisticated, full-color cards on the fly, with sophisticated security features and high definition graphics.

The CardWizard FCP 20/20, used in conjunction with Dynamic Card Solutions’ CardWizard software, provides a secure and fully automated system for instant financial card issuance, activation, and PIN selection. Cards can be fully personalized on the spot, and financial branches using the system will no longer need multiple pre-printed card stocks to issue various card types. Each card can be printed on demand.
Other benefits of the system, besides instant issuance, include increased security, simplified branch operations, and opportunities for brand marketing.