It’s easier than ever to get all your prox and smart card program needs with AlphaCard – we carry cards, readers, ID accessories, and ID card printers so you can get it all in one place.

Prox Cards & Prox Card Readers

Access control cards, also called proximity or prox cards, are a popular alternative to traditional locks and keys. These cards allow you to open doors at the workplace, at a gym, in a school, in a college dorm, and much more.

We carry a wide range of prox card brands, although our AlphaPass cards are affordable and ready to ship in days!

AlphaCard also carries a number of prox card readers if you need to replace an old reader or add secure to a new doorway.

Smart Cards & Smart Card Readers

Recently we added a large number of HID iCLASS smart cards to our website as well, including the advanced HID iCLASS Seos cards that can encode and protect more data than any other HID smart card.

Smart cards are quickly growing in popularity because they are more flexible than prox cards and have more data security, making them a good fit for multi-functional cards that can open a door, check out equipment, access a network printer, pay for a drink at the vending machine, and pay for parking.

We also carry a number of smart card readers in addition to the prox ones so you can install new readers or replace old ones.