Badge holders are a great ID accessory tool for protecting your ID cards from daily wear and tear, and work well with lanyards, reels, and strap clips. And anti-print transfer holders make sure your card design doesn’t leave an imprint on the holder when you take it out.

Badge holders are made from thin sheets of plastic most often using a clear, smooth, flexible material. But holders do come in a range of styles including colored holders, rigid plastic holders, and textured “orange peel” materials.

If you need to take you ID card out of the holder to swipe or scan it frequently, or you plan to switch out cards in the holder, you should consider an anti-print transfer badge holder. These holders are made with a specialized material that will prevent your card from sticking to the holder and leaving an imprint of the card on the plastic.

And if you’re looking for a customizable option for your business or organization, check out our custom printed badge holders!