AlphaCard has just announced a series of photo ID systems geared towards the needs of police departments and law enforcement agencies. Police departments have strict security requirements for their ID cards. These cards play an important role by identifying officers and help to ensure that they have proper access during critical situations where every moment counts. Because of the importance of police ID cards, they often contain security elements that work to prevent tampering and illegal duplication. AlphaCard’s Police ID Card Systems make it easy for police departments to design and print ID cards that are durable, secure, and tamper-resistant.

The Starter Police ID System is an ideal card-printing solution for smaller police departments. It includes the Magicard Alto single-feed ID card printer, a custom HoloKote watermark system, badge design software, a digital camera, and printing supplies. This system prints each police ID individually and allows you to include a secure watermark across the surface of each card.
The Standard Police ID System is designed to meet strict government standards for high-security police IDs. It features the Zebra P120i dual-sided ID card printer, AsureID Express software, electronic signature and fingerprint capture devices, along with printing supplies and a digital camera. This all-in-one package makes it easy to design and print dual-sided police photo IDs containing fingerprint scans and signatures for added security.
The Premium Police ID System is built to handle high-volume runs of top-quality police ID cards that meet strong security requirements. This system includes the Magicard Tango 2e dual-sided ID card printer, AlphaCard Standard photo ID software, a custom HoloKote watermark, fingerprint and signature capture devices, a digital camera, and printing supplies. It’s an excellent solution for police departments requiring highly secure, tamper-resistant police IDs containing a variety of security elements.