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Sync Scan Professional Software

  • Cloud-based Solution
  • View temperature scans and images
  • Log Temperatures and Retrieve Reports
  • Send Alerts
  • Add Kiosk Groups and adjust settings remotely
  • Dashboard portal with rolling security view and real-time scans and updates


  • Temperature Screening Kiosk Network Management
  • Remotely change settings, add contacts & send alerts
  • View temperature log and facial images
  • For use with KIOSK-TEMP-FR01 and KIOSK-TEMP-CT01 temperature screening kiosk
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Sync Scan Professional Overview

The Sync Scan Professional software is the optimal solution to getting the most out of your temperature screening kiosk with all of it's robust features. Sync Scan boasts a wide range of enhanced features and functionalities which compliment your on-board software.

Expansive Software Features

Sync Scan Professional offers unrivaled flexibility in accessibility. The software provides the ability to manage and admit visitors remotely with accompanying pictures for each one via the facial recognition library, while adhering to privacy compliance guidelines. Synch Scan also utilizes SMS and Email Alerts to notify Administrators when unauthorized persons are attempting entry. Track the data from any given device to get an accurate and up to date read on all patrons coming in and out of your business.

Here are some additional Sync Scan Professional features:

  • SMS & Email Alerts for High Temperatures and Banned List
  • Real-time Dashboard Check In For Stored Faces & Strangers
  • Add Facial Recognition Images From Personal Devices
  • Software Updates Are Instantly Available In The Sync Scan Portal For Both Cloud And On-premises SolutionsM
  • And More!

Passwords & Software Security

Attempts of hacking, phishing and the compromising of businesses worldwide has been a concern for many of years. On the surface, it can often seem like a user-centered issue, but software plays it's role in the realm of responsibility and culpability in some instances. Sync Scan stands out from competitors in this way with stringent attention towards protecting user information. Sync Scan requires Transport Layer Security (TLS) with strong ciphers for any and all communication with the database and cloud storage. By taking steps like rotating user passwords every 30 days, instituting specific password guidelines and requirements, encrypting and salting passwords, as well as employing SSO tokens where practical are all but a few steps taken to protect the sensitive nature of your businesses' employee information and the integrity of it. Customer data is never shared with any third parties.

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Sync Scan Professional Software

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