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In some office buildings, employee ID badges are a simple affair – a photo, a name, maybe a barcode or a magnetic stripe. Maybe employees swipe them to clock in or out, or show them to a security guard when they come in for the day. Government buildings, however, are a little different. While they may differ in size, location, and purpose, the vast majority of federal facilities and government buildings are dependent on thorough security and access control in order to keep the workplace and information safe. Many innocuous-looking federal buildings store valuable information like tax records, power information, and classified documents which could be destructive if leaked to the public. This makes security a top priority and a major concern for federal buildings and government facilities, and makes employee ID cards a viable solution. Along with technologies like video surveillance, secure ID cards are an effective way of establishing physical security and access control in government buildings where security is a top priority.


Fargo ID badge makers, along with having outstanding name recognition and a reputation as a world-class manufacturer of security technologies, have the advantage of flexibility. Secure Fargo printers like the HDP5000 offer users the chance to purchase a standard printer and add secure features if the need develops.

This freedom gives businesses and government facilities many options when designing a security plan, and allows for more flexibility and freedom than other badge printers.  Fargo plastic card printers come with a host of word-class security features, including:

  • Lamination – laminating an ID badge prevents tampering and makes any attempt at changing the card visible
  • Magnetic stripes – High Coercivity (HiCo) magnetic stripe capability on a badge printer allows more information to be stored on an ID badge, which means a more secure ID card.
  • Smart Card/RFID – Cards with smart card or RFID (radio frequency ID) have the capabilities of exchanging much more information than Low Coercivity (LoCo) magnetic stripes or bar codes.
  • Printer lock – It’s one thing to create ultra-safe cards, but is that always enough? Fargo badge printers come with a locking function that prevents unauthorized use, securing both the printers and the cards. Ultra-secure printers like the HDP5000 have the optional feature of tracking cards and supply use, making the identification of illicit card printing that much easier.

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