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Identification Badges


Unique details will help make your Identification Badges more secure. Think of a good Identification Badge like a dollar bill. A dollar bill from the United States is full of dozens of different devices intended to keep it from being counterfeited easily. There are watermarks, details which can only be seen under black light, microtext and so on.


The same holds true for Identification Badges: more details create greater security. If you work in a facility, firm or lab where security is the top priority, invest in a higher end printer. A top-notch Identification Badges printer will be able to add all sorts of incredible details to your badges and cards. For instance, a great ID card printer will be able to place a laminate or overlaminate of a custom-made hologram on each of your cards.


ID Cards and Printers

The type of blank Identification Badge you'll insert into your printer depends on the printer you buy. Companies like Fargo Electronics and Zebra, which used to be known as Eltron, sell dozens of different types of card printers. Some are light and portable, which makes them perfect for event planners, fundraisers and so on. Some printers are even designed with built-in handles, making them especially easy to carry to events such as shareholder's meetings, charity bike or foot races, membership drives and so on.

Other printers are very heavy and bulky. They're intended for very heavy use, rather than portability. A university which produces its own Identification Badges, for instance, will want to buy an industrial card printer. Make sure you tell the representative selling you your ID badge printer the ways you intend to use it, to make sure you get the printer you need.Alpha Card Systems offers a complete line of photoIdentification badges and ID badge accessories, including a variety of badge holders, lanyards, slot punches, and clips. We offer not only the products and systems themselves, but also expert assistance in determining which system will work best for you. And we provide follow-up support to help ensure that your photo ID badge system remains up-to-date and functions optimally.

ID badges are a key component of a complete photo ID badge system. Our ID badges are easy to use and convenient for your employees, students, consultants, and authorized visitors. Our ID badges integrate transparently with your existing security and access control systems and provide a high level of confidence and security for the workplace or campus.



For schools: ID badges ensure that school officials know who's on campus at all times. They may be worn with lanyard, clips, and used as student ID badges. Make sure that unauthorized people don't have access to school buildings and grounds by providing students and employees with photo ID badges and requiring their use at entry. And in case of emergency, it's important to know who's who, and to have positive identification of who is on site.


ID badges are a simple, efficient, and effective way to ensure safety for students and school employees, keep intruders out, and prevent theft and vandalism.


For businesses: Employee ID badges ensure safety and security for your employees and buildings. You'll know who is in the building at all times, and--if necessary--who visited over the weekend. When full-time employees, part-timers, consultants, maintenance staff, and authorized visitors all have ID badges, they can rest assured that no unauthorized persons will gain access. Keep out thieves, corporate spies, and prowlers. Maintain the confidential, secure workplace environment with a comprehensive and easy-to-use system of security ID badges.


Employee ID badges not only support the security and integrity of the workplace, but also help give employees a sense of belonging and community, functioning like nametags at a social event. In addition, they provide a simple way for your employees themselves to help enforce building security as they enter and exit, by noticing when people without security ID badges attempt to enter the building.

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