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Hospital Photo ID Badges

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Hospital Photo ID Badges


It’s very rare to find a hospital today that doesn’t require its staff to wear photo identification badges. ID badges are used to identify doctors, nurses and other hospital staff employees. The badges are often color coded by department so that patients and visitors can easily identify staff members and distinguish their areas of expertise. The visible ID badges also provide patients with peace of mind, knowing they are being tended to by the appropriate staff members.

Photo IDs serve as a critical part of a hospital’s overall security plan. Aside from personal identification, the cards can be used to control access to authorized areas a facility. Proximity card technology enables these badges to restrict access to only authorized hospital staffers.

Many hospitals also issue temporary ID badges for visitors. Visitor IDs are given out at the reception area and help to ensure that only authorized guests are able to roam the hospital. Additionally, visitor ID badges can be integrated with access control systems so that visitors can only access designated areas within the facility.

Another form of identification used in healthcare facilities is the patient photo ID badge. These badges can store important patient identification information, medical records, surgical itineraries, and other health information specific to the individual patient. Typically, a patient ID badge is clipped to the patient’s clothes, attached to a wrist band, or attached to a piece of equipment near the hospital bed, such as an IV stand.

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