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Plastic ID Badges

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Plastic ID Badges


ID badge programs work to improve security while also providing convenient functionality to a wide range of users.
AlphaCard offers a comprehensive selection of ID badges and supplies to meet the needs of any identification program. ID badges come in a variety of forms, from standard blank PVC cards to magnetic stripe cards and highly sophisticated technology cards with embedded electronics

ID badges are a key component of a complete photo ID badge system. Our ID badges are easy to use and convenient for your employees, students, consultants, and authorized visitors. Our ID badges integrate transparently with your existing security and access control systems and provide a high level of confidence and security for the workplace or campus.

For schools: ID badges ensure that school officials know who's on campus at all times. They may be worn with lanyard, clips, and used as student ID badges. Make sure that unauthorized people don't have access to school buildings and grounds by providing students and employees with photo ID badges and requiring their use at entry. And in case of emergency, it's important to know who's who, and to have positive identification of who is on site.
ID badges are a simple, efficient, and effective way to ensure safety for students and school employees, keep intruders out, and prevent theft and vandalism.

For businesses: Employee ID cards ensure safety and security for your employees and buildings. You'll know who is in the building at all times, and--if necessary--who visited over the weekend. When full-time employees, part-timers, consultants, maintenance staff, and authorized visitors all have ID badges, they can rest assured that no unauthorized persons will gain access. Keep out thieves, corporate spies, and prowlers. Maintain the confidential, secure workplace environment with a comprehensive and easy-to-use system of security ID badges.

Employee ID badges not only support the security and integrity of the workplace, but also help give employees a sense of belonging and community, functioning like nametags at a social event. In addition, they provide a simple way for your employees themselves to help enforce building security as they enter and exit, by noticing when people without security id badges attempt to enter the building.

PVC Cards

Most identification programs now utilize durable PVC cards for ID issuance. PVC cards are long-lasting and feature graphic-quality surfaces, perfect for printing clear and crisp graphics and text. Whether you're creating simple photo IDs, membership cards, gift cards, or high-security employee badges, a steady supply of PVC cards is a key component of your program. These cards are available in a variety of forms, from basic blank PVC cards and magnetic stripe cards, to those with embedded smart chips and proximity technology

Rewritable Cards

For ID card programs looking to save money and cut down on waste, rewritable cards are an excellent option. Rewritable cards can be erased and rewritten up to 500 times. It's important to note that these cards are compatible only with specific ID card printers. They are commonly used for visitor management programs, temporary ID badging, employee IDs, and a host of other applications.

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