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CR80 bioPVC Cards - 30 mil - 100

  • Quantity: 100
  • CR80 (3.375in x 2.125in) 30 mil
  • BioPVC
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These eco-friendly blank cards are made of BioPVC, a completely biodegradable material that helps to save our environment. The cards offer the same durability and photo-quality finish as regular PVC cards, but are far less harmful on our planet. Standard PVC cards never fully degrade, which means once you're done with them they're going to fill up the landfill for quite some time. BioPVC cards on the other hand are designed to hold up against everyday use, but then begin a natural biodegradation process when thrown away or placed in a fertile environment such as a compost pile.

Standard CR80 30mil size. 100 cards per pack.

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