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If you're a government buyer, we welcome you to take advantage of our discount prices for ID card printers, systems, and supplies. AlphaCard can beat GSA pricing for most comparable ID card systems. We accept purchase orders from all state, local, and federal government agencies. We also accept "Impact Cards," electronic payment and wire transfers.

AlphaCard ships APO using our standard rates, and will ship to all international destinations serviced by UPS or USPS. There are no minimum purchase requirements.

Government Photo ID Systems

AlphaCard Government Photo ID Systems are already being used by government agencies across the globe for a wide variety of applications. Our systems can be used to produce everything from secure military badges and access control cards, to health cards, drivers' licenses, and more.

Contact AlphaCard today to learn how we can help you implement a cost-effective ID card solution that meets the needs of your government organization. Call us at 1-800-717-8080 or fill out our Needs Analysis Form.

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