Access Control Readers

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Access Control Readers

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Access control cards work in conjunction with access control card readers that are installed at entrance points to buildings, rooms within a facility and even computer networks. Card readers are an electronic component of access control systems, and are usually designed as self-contained units with protective housing for defense against the environment and tampering. Access control readers communicate with ID cards, processing information from the access control cards to verify the authenticity of the card before granting access.

Access control readers come in several different models that are designed for use with a variety of card technologies. Cards are typically swiped, waved or tapped in front of a card reader to grant keyless access to a facility. Magnetic stripe cards are swiped through a card reader. RFID or proximity cards contain embedded information that when waved in front of or tapped on a card reader grants access. Smart cards contain embedded smart chips that store card information. These cards are often used for computer access control. Cardholders insert their cards into an access control reader in the computer to log on to a computer network or access data stored on a specific computer.

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