Access Control Cards

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Access Control Cards

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One of the main uses for multifunctional ID cards today is access control. ID cards can be programmed to control access to entrances to buildings, restricted areas, and even computer networks. Access control cards are used for keyless entry for a wide range of industries including corporate offices, high-security government buildings and apartment buildings.

Several different card technologies can be used to power access control systems. Magnetic stripe cards have access control information encoded on a magnetic stripe, which is then swiped through a special reader to gain access to designated areas. Some access control cards use RFID or proximity technology

Access control cards also provide increased security when compared with keyed entry systems. If a card is lost or stolen, the ID card can simply be deleted or deactivated from the system. In addition, access control cards can even be programmed to work with differing levels of security clearance, assigning privileges to individual card holders.

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