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Fargo 82138 biodegradable PVC cards perform the same as standard 100% PVC cards but are more eco-friendly. They are designed to function like a normal PVC card in everyday use (getting wet, being stored, printed on or treated, etc). Once they are disposed of the cards will begin a decomposition process and will bio-degrade.

The Fargo 82138 bioPVC cards are graphic quality and at 3.375'' x 2.125'' are CR8030 size, which is the most common size of ID card. Fargo 82138 cards are sold in quantities of 500.

A cost-effective approach to card security, the HoloMark seal is an easy-to-apply holographic 'sticker'; simply hand-apply to the surface of your cards after printing.

HoloMark Seals will enhance credibility and add low-level security to your cards without the expense associated with holographic foils or lamination.

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