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Entrust Datacard SD460 ID Laminating Card System

#xxxEntrust Datacard SD460 Laminating System

#xxxEntrust Datacard SD460 Laminating System

Designed for medium to large organizations looking for high quality printing and durable, secure ID cards

  • System includes: Entrust Datacard SD460 printer, AlphaCard ID Suite Standard software, YMCK ribbon, lamination film, blank cards, cleaning kit, digital camera
  • Dual-sided, dye sublimation printer
  • Quick print speeds – print full-color, laminated cards in 19 seconds
  • 100 card input hopper, 100 card output hopper
  • Single or dual-sided lamination options
  • System includes: Entrust Datacard SD460 printer, AlphaCard ID Suite Standard software, YMCK ribbon, lamination film, blank cards, cleaning kit, digital camera
  • Dual-sided, dye sublimation printer
  • Quick print speeds – print full-color, laminated cards in 19 seconds
  • 100 card input hopper, 100 card output hopper
  • Single or dual-sided lamination options
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#xxxEntrust Datacard SD460 Laminating System

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This printer is discontinued.

The Entrust Datacard SD460 Dual-sided ID Card System with Lamination and Tactile Impression is a great solution for medium to large organizations looking for high quality printing and durable, visually secure ID cards.

Entrust Datacard SD460 ID Card Printer

A powerful and efficient dual-sided card printer with single or dual-sided lamination and a tactile impression, the Entrust Datacard SD460 ID card printer is perfectly designed for medium to large card programs that need to print batches of secure cards.

Entrust Datacard SD460 Key Features
  • Printing Capability: Dual-sided
  • Print Technology: Dye sublimation
  • Print Speed: Full color, dual-sided cards in 20 seconds
  • Input/Output Hopper: 100/100
  • Warranty: 30 months (2.5 years)
Efficient ID Card Printing

With 100 card input and output hoppers the SD460 ID card printer can easily handle batches of cards – and its single-pass printing technology makes batch printing even faster and easier! Single-pass printing means the printer will print, encode, and laminate a card in a single pass (without flipping the card and running it through the printer a second time, increasing the time it takes to print a card).

This efficient printer design is important if your organization needs to print large numbers of cards in a short amount of time, such as at the start of the school year or for large events. The SD460 can print up to 200 single-sided, single-sided lamination cards per hour, or 175 dual-sided cards with lamination.

Secure Tactile Impression Printing

Entrust Datacard's unique patent-pending tactile impression creates card security you can see and feel. Using a tactile impression die, a design is physically impressed into your card. This makes it even hard to duplicate or tamper with the card – the impression is made over the lamination, so it will tear if someone tries to remove the lamination film.

The basic design options include an Education design, Medical design, Global design, Security design, and a Bank design. Or you can create a custom, unique design for your business for even greater security. This can include your logo, seal, or crest.

When choosing tactile impression, you'll need to make two choices – which die pattern you want, and the location on your card. You can impress the design more than once along the track, but must choose one:

  • Track 1: This track goes along the top of the card (horizontal)
  • Track 2: This track goes along the middle of the card (horizontal)
  • Track 3: This track goes along the lower half of the card (horizontal)

Please note that you should never use the tactile impression over a magnetic stripe, or smart card chip/antenna

Protect Your Cards with Lamination

The SD460 ID card printer comes standard with single-sided lamination, with an option for dual-sided lamination. An essential feature for making long-lasting cards, lamination works by applying a protective film (either clear or with a watermark-style designs) over the top of your printed card.

This clear film gives you several benefits – UV-blocking thick lamination film will protect your card design from fading quickly in sunlight; lamination will protect your card from day-to-day use, such as swiping cards in magnetic stripe readers, that may otherwise damage the card; and lamination makes it harder to tamper with a card.

SD460 Printer Warranty

The Entrust Datacard SD460 ID card printer comes with a 30 month (2.5 years) manufacturer warranty.

What’s Included:

  • Entrust Datacard SD460 ID card printer with Lamination & Tactile Impressor
  • AlphaCard ID Suite Standard software
  • Digital ID camera
  • YMCK ribbon - 500 prints
  • Lamination Film - 300 prints
  • 500 premium blank Composit cards
  • Cleaning kit
  • Printer power cord & USB cable
  • Lifetime AlphaCare support
  • Upgrade to TrueSupport service plan & receive*:
  • Loaner printer during TrueSupport coverage period
  • Phone-based technical support including remote assistance
  • Complimentary one hour of training annually
  • Complimentary cleaning kit and remote printer check-up provided annually
*Select printers receive 1 year TrueSuppoort FREE More details

Powerful AlphaCard ID Suite Card Design Software

Powerful AlphaCard ID Suite card design and database management software makes it easy to design and print your custom ID cards. It takes just minutes to design cards and badges with security features, cardholder photos, signatures, and encoded data. And with the option to use the built-in database or connect outside databases including Microsoft Excel and Access, you will always have easy access to cardholder information.

AlphaCard ID Suite v11 is now fully Windows 10 compatible and supported. As Microsoft releases ongoing Windows 10 updates, you can rest assured that users of AlphaCard ID Suite v11 will receive continuous support for this Windows 10 compatible software.

AlphaCard ID Suite Standard

With a wide range of capabilities, AlphaCard ID Suite Standard Edition makes it easy to produce professional ID cards with robust security features. AlphaCard ID Suite Standard also supports database connectivity for Microsoft Access, Excel, and Text DB. Design and production are simple with a step-by-step card design wizard. Photos can be captured using any TWIAN or WIA-compliant digital ID camera or device. Design elements such as text, graphics and logos, magnetic stripes and barcodes are easy to incorporate into the design.

New in AlphaCard ID Suite v11: Enhanced card design wizard, improved database functionality and connectivity, high resolution barcodes, and improved language options.

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Technical Specs

Datacard Entrust SD460 Duplex

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Printer Coverage
2.5 years (30 months)
Loaner Coverage
Printhead Coverage
Print Technology
Dye Sublimation
Re-Writable Printing
Card Capacity
Input Hopper
Output Hopper
Single Feed Mode
Print Speed
Full Color
Avg. Cost Per Card
Single-Sided Color
Single-Sided Black
Max. Ribbon Yield
Single-Sided Color
Single-Sided Black
Accepted Card Sizes
Card Thickness
Features Call if options aren't available online
Available Encoding Options
Magnetic Stripe
Available Factory Options
Available Field Upgrades
Visual Security Features
Printer Lock Options
Connection Type
OS Compatibility
Windows 7 - 32 bit
Windows 7 - 64 bit
Windows 8 - 32 bit
Windows 8 - 64 bit
Windows 10 - 32 bit
Windows 10 - 64 bit
Windows 2008 Server - 64 bit
Windows 2012 Server - 64 bit
Mac Compatible
Physical Specs
Available MPNs

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You can talk directly to our dedicated support team on the phone. On top of our complimentary lifetime email support (1-3 day turnaround) and 30-day setup over the phone, TrueSupport coverage plans will include troubleshooting and technical support via phone and hands-on help via remote desktop assistance during your subscription period from the best technical experts in the industry.


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