Custom Holokote Tool

Welcome to the Custom Holokote Tool. This tool is used to preview & submit a custom Holokote for your organization. Before you launch the tool, decide which Custom Holokote Key Type you will create & prepare a holokote image.

1. Determine Custom Holokote Key Type:

Custom Holokote Flex ($650)

Position any size image in any location on the card front. This option gives you complete flexibility over the design of the watermark.

Custom Holokote ($550)

Your small image is repeated 24 times across the card front in a 4x6 grid.
Special Offer: FREE Custom Holokote with the purchase of a Rio Pro Printer. Redeem within 30 days of purchase; excludes Holokote Flex.

2. Holokote Image Requirements:

Create an image for your custom Holokote using the below guidelines. Your existing logo may need to be modified for best results.

  • Black-and-white image without color or shades of gray
  • Avoid small text & lettering which will not be legible
  • Bold & clear design without fine details
  • .JPG file format
  • For Custom Holokote Flex: image up to 969x595 pixels (landscape) or 595x969 (portrait)
  • For Custom Holokote: image size must be 149x149 pixels (roughly ½ inch square)

3. Preview & Submit Holokote Image:

Use the Holokote Tool to preview & submit your Holokote image. The Holokote Tool will open in a new window

Thank you for your interest in the Custom Holokote Tool. At the moment, it is not supported by either Internet Explorer 9 or 10. To continue on to the Custom Holokote Tool please navigate to this page using another browser.

GOOD Holokote Images:

BAD Holokote Images:

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