Custom AlphaGuard Tool

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Custom AlphaGuard Grid Design enables you to print your own logo in a grid pattern as a watermark across the cardís surface. With Custom AlphaGuard Full-Sized Design you can print your logo anywhere and any size you like on the card.

Custom AlphaGuard is delivered in a kit containing a CD and RFID card. Simply upload your custom graphic to the firmware of your printer (from the CD). Then drop your unique RFID card into the slot in the printer and it acts as a key to enable the secure design to be printed — it can also be used as a locking key for your printer.

To preview your customized watermark, first choose between Custom AlphaGuard Grid or Custom AlphaGuard Full-Sized.

Custom AlphaGuard Grid

Select Custom AlphaGuard Grid to have your logo watermarked as a fixed 6x4 grid pattern across the card.


Custom AlphaGuard Full-Sized

Select Custom AlphaGuard Full-Sized to have your logo watermarked at any size and location across the card.