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CloudBadging Location Management - Starter


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  • Software and Kiosk
  • Manage multiple profiles between Customers and Employees
  • Touch-free screening and sign-ins and sign-outs with mobile support
  • Optional Wireless Printer

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MSRP: $1,199.99
Price: $1,199.99
  • Software and Kiosk
  • Manage multiple profiles between Customers and Employees
  • Touch-free screening and sign-ins and sign-outs with mobile support
  • Optional Wireless Printer
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CloudBadging Location Management Overview

Add another layer of security to your business for your customers and employees. As time permits, we are seeing a larger amount of the workforce returning to offices all around the country. It is more important now than ever before to protect the patrons and places that power our businesses. With CloudBadging Location Management, you can educate employees on optimal health and safety protocols & policies, as well as conduct pandemic screenings at your point of entry in an effort to help curb or mitigate the spread of any airborne transmission.

Safety and ease-of-use are at the forefront of the CloudBadging Location Management Software. Kiosks can be configured for touchless mode, allowing visitors and employees alike to scan or check in via their mobile device. All while keeping robust, private and compliant record keeping that can be used for contact tracing and more.

All in one solution

CloudBadging Location Management provides an all in one solution for managing your locations visitor & employee screening. Each new location receives a physical countertop kiosk as well as a subscription to CloudBadging Location Management. Everything you need to manage the screening and entrance of your employees and visitors included.

Safety Screening - Privately

“In the past 14 days, have you received a positive Covid-19 test?” Now more than ever it is important to screen employees and visitors who are entering your building. With CloudBadging Location Management, you can ask any custom screening questions that your policies require when a person attempts to enter your facility. CloudBadging Location Management allows you to ditch the pen and clipboard and ask the necessary questions in a way that does not require employees & visitors to share health information where anyone can read it.

Educate & Communicate

Times have changed and so have company policies for entering your premises. Are masks required? When and where must employees wear them? Educate employees or visitors on procedures and requirements when they return to the building with CloudBadging Location Managements training modules. You can require employees to read or acknowledge your training or policies before entering the building and keep track of which employees have or have not completed their training.

Compliance & Tracking

CloudBadging Location Management makes it easy to track necessary information for ensuring the safety of your building in a compliant manner. CloudBadging Location Management gives you visibility of all employees and visitors who have checked in & out of your location giving you visibility into who was present and with whom.

Should an employee or visitor give notice of a positive COVID-19 test, CloudBadging Location Management will allow you to quickly determine which other team members were on site in the previous days. You can easily run reports for specific date periods including custom date ranges.

Touchless Sign-In

Your employees and visitors can now check-in and out, answer screening questions, and more without having to touch the sign in kiosk. When configured for touchless sign in, your kiosk will display a unique QR code. When scanned by a smartphone the QR code will allow the user to sign-in and answer any screening questions on their own mobile device without the need to physically interact with the kiosk. If you use temperature verification as part of your screening process, you may benefit from using our touch free temperature screening kiosk. The temperature screening kiosk is a standalone device that will display a user’s temperature when they walk up to it, eliminating the need for sharing of a physical thermometer.

Security & Peace of Mind

Your employees are what keeps your business running and its important for them to feel safe and secure in returning to work. Using CloudBadging Location Management allows you to build a culture of safety and security, while reinforcing to your employees that you take their health and safety seriously. In addition to training & screening, you can use CloudBadging Location Management to give notice to employees around your plans & updates, reducing stress and anxiety in the process. Notifications and messages do not always need to be about rules and procedures. They can be also used to notify employees of an updated cleaning schedule or other helpful notifications.

Screening and Entry Kiosk

Every new CloudBadging Location Management location receives a countertop kiosk consisting of a 10” tablet and a countertop stand. The kiosk includes everything you need to get CloudBadging Location Management running at your point of entry. The stand is made of a high quality, lockable aluminum enclosure. The kiosk includes countertop mounting screws that can be used to secure the kiosk to a countertop surface. The kiosk does require access to a standard outlet and requires access to a wi-fi network.

Optional Visitor Badge Printing

Print visitor badges for on-site visitors wireless by upgrading your kiosk to include a wireless visitor badge printer. You can use CloudBadging Visitor Management to design your own custom visitor badge templates to be printed with your visitor’s information when they visit.

Because the printer is connected via wi-fi, you have the flexibility to locate the printer with the kiosk for self-service or locate the printer at a reception desk. Visitor Badge printing is an additional $20/month and includes the printer.

Contractor Management, Employee Management and Much More

CloudBadging Location Management is one of the most configurable location management software’s available. It can track visitors, employees, contractors and more. You can configure a portal for your contractors to manage their insurance and other required documentation, manage evacuations in the case of an emergency, monitor on-site and off-site sign-ins and much more. Contact us for more information or to schedule a demo.

Technical Specs
Product Type Software
MPN CBLM-Starter
Brand No
Operating System Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 7 - 32 bit, Windows 7 - 64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 8 - 32 bit, Windows 8 - 64 bit, Windows 10, Windows 10 - 32 bit, Windows 10 - 64 bit, Windows Server 2008, Windows 2008 Server - 32 bit, Windows 2008 Server - 64 bit, Windows Server 2012, Windows 2012 Server - 32 bit, Windows 2012 Server - 64 bit
Software Database Type No
Encoding None
Features No
MSRP $1,199.99

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