ID accessories are extremely popular, but why do so many people use them? Because they help protect your ID cards, make it easier to keep photo IDs visible for increased security, and make it faster to locate cards for swiping and scanning to reduce lines.

Badge Holders

If you want your ID cards to last longer, the best way to protect them is with a badge holder. These plastic holders come in a wide range of styles, but they all work to create a physical barrier between your card and things that could scratch or damage it.

Badge Reels

If you want to keep cards easily accessible during the day, but also out of your way while you work, badge reels are your best option. They can clip onto a pocket, jacket lapel, or shirt to work with any style of clothing or work uniform. And because the cards spring back to the reel after you let go of them, they won’t swing down in your way the way a card on a lanyard might.


If you want the most flexibility and easiest to use ID accessory, check out ID lanyards. Used by organizations in almost every industry, lanyards are easy to use and can often hold more than one card or other items like keys or small tools that you may need. Many lanyards come with safety breakaway clips that will automatically open the lanyard if it gets caught or grabbed, preventing accidents in the workplace.