It seems like a minor thing to consider, but when you shop for ID card printers do you consider their size? If you’ve got limited space on your desk, a large printer may not be your best option!

Small Printers

Small printers with tiny footprints are a great option for setting up an ID card system with limited space. These printers fit onto front desks, customer service desks, and are easy to travel with because of their size.

Small printers do tent to have limited feature sets, because encoding, dual-sided printing, large batch printing, and lamination will all add bulk to the printer.

If you need a small printer, consider the Magicard Pronto or Zebra ZXP Series 1.

Medium Printers

Most ID card printers fall into the “medium sized” category – and with their increased range of features, you’ll have more options.

The Magicard Enduro3E ID card printer has options for single-sided and dual-sided printing, along with magnetic stripe encoding.

The Datacard SD260 is a quick and efficient single-sided ID card printer, like the Pronto above, but has a 100 card input hopper that makes the printer larger but allows for small batch printing.

Large Printers

The largest ID card printers are specially designed for unique tasks. The Zebra ZXP Series 7 ID card printer with dual-sided printing and lamination has an additional module added to it that makes it larger than the standard ZXP Series 7, but that module is what allows the printer to laminate cards.

The Evolis Quantum has extremely large card hoppers, but it also allows you to batch print up to 500 cards at a time. If you needed to print large numbers of cards, a larger printer would help.

The Datacard SD460 ID card printer with lamination and tactile impression has an additional module on top of the printer, which like the ZXP Series 7, allows it to laminate cards.

Compare ID card printers to find your best match.