How do you keep an ID badge facing forward all day long? An important security requirement in healthcare, education, and many businesses, an employee’s badge often includes a current photo and their name so you can quickly and easily identify someone.

While lanyards may be the most common ID accessory, they aren’t the best option in this case – instead, you should look into no-twist badge reels!

What’s A No-Twist Badge Reel?

A badge reel works by attaching your ID card to the reel with a retractable cord. You can easily pull the card out to swipe or scan it to unlock a door, sign into a computer, or check out equipment, and then it automatically snaps back into place to stay out of your way while working.

What makes no-twist badge reels unique is their retractable cords. These reels include a small plastic part that only fits back into the badge reel’s body in one way, keeping your badge facing forward and visible without any effort!

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What Other Reel Options Do You Have?

If you want even more options when selecting a badge reel for your business, AlphaCard carries a wide range of reel options in every style and color: