Displaying ID cards at work is important for security but can also damage your clothing. Protect yourself with these clothing-friendly ID cards that will still keep your ID prominently displayed.

Clothing-Friendly Lanyards

Lanyards are the first thing most people think of when shopping for an ID accessory, because they are so useful – they can be worn with any style of clothing or uniform and they can be easily customized with the logos and text of your choice.

But not all lanyards will be best at protecting clothing. Metal attachments, like swivel hooks, can snag clothing if the metal is rough or gets bent out of shape. Your best bet is a wide or narrow plastic hook that is less likely to snag and pull on people’s shirts. And as a security benefit, plastic clips are designed to keep your IDs facing out.

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Clothing-Friendly Badge Reels

Badge reels are an extremely popular ID accessory if you can’t use lanyards for safety reasons or because they swing down and get in the way while you work.

Almost all badge reels have a either a swivel clip or belt clip – swivel clips do clip onto clothing but the reel is lightweight enough that they won’t pull on clothing, while belt clips slide on but do require a pocket.

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Clothing-Friendly Badge Holders

ID badge holders protect your cards from damage so they last longer, but they can also protect your clothing!

Some badge holders have clips attached to them, so you can use the holder alone instead of pairing it with a reel or lanyard:

If you don’t want to wear lanyards or clip on reels or badge holders, consider arm bands! Popular with people who move around a lot and need to keep IDs out of the way (such as construction, fire and rescue, sports, and more), these holders go around your arm and can be worn over any style of clothing. The elastic band adjusts to fit most people, and there’s no metal clips or pins to snag or tear clothing. Choose from basic clear armband badge holders or brightly colored reflective armband holders.

Other Clothing-Friendly Options

Clips, pins, and magnets are easy and cost-effective ways to display ID cards. Strap clips with rubber tips are gentle on delicate fabrics thanks to the plastic covers on the metal clip, as are plastic clips you stick to the back of a card or holder. And while they weigh more and could cause some pulling on thin materials, magnetic attachments won’t tear or damage clothing and work well with thicker materials and uniforms.