Sarasota Memorial Hospital in Florida is implementing a new smart card program for its over 800 bed regional medical center. The program is aimed at streamlining patient check-in processes and improving the overall continuity in patient care.

To support the new smart cards the hospital will also be outfitted with secure card readers and kiosks. All these elements work together to make the patient admissions process more efficient, while reducing potential errors in patient records. In the initial rollout of the program, selected patients will be issued smart cards. The smart cards contain data that will automatically authenticate and admit the patient to the hospital. The program uses a system of electronic signatures.
Besides helping the admissions process run smoothly, the data from the cards is used to establish connections with other physicians’ offices to update medical records. Upon admission into the hospital, the cards can be used to populate medical records that eliminate the need for an intake interview, which can often be a lengthy process. Under the new system, doctors and clinicians who refer their patients to Sarasota Memorial Hospital will have access to smart card readers where they can look over and update patient information.