Fargo recently introduced a new line of DTC printers that include innovative printing options for businesses and organizations of all sizes. With options for entry-level printing right on up to high-volume, high-security card production, the DTC printers can be used to create ID cards and badges for employee ID programs, schools, membership and loyalty programs and more.

The Fargo DTC1000 provides exciting print functions for small businesses with a host of user-friendly features. Its compact frame makes it at home in any office environment. The DTC4000 works perfectly for mid-sized organizations that require efficient and flexible printing, while the DTC4500 is designed to handle sophisticated printing needs. The DTC4500 has a dual-input card hopper for increased card capacity and fast batch printing. The robust ID card printer can even print on multiple card types at the same time.
Both the DTC1000 and DTC4000 are capable of printing on cards with varying thicknesses from 9 mil to 40 mil. The printers can even print on rewritable cards, making it possible to reuse cards again and again. Rewritable cards save resources and money.
A wide variety of in-field upgrades make it possible to add functionality to the new DTC printers at any time should the needs of your ID card program grow and change without having to send the printer to the manufacturer for installation. Each of the printers in the new line can be upgraded for dual-sided printing or magnetic stripe encoding. The DTC4000 and DTC4500 can both be upgraded to have a combined input/output hopper. Single or dual-sided lamination can be added to the DTC4500 for increased security and durability.