Fitness clubs know how important it is to have a well-functioning membership card program in place. Ensuring that only members and approved guests have access to a fitness facility helps maximize profits, reduce liability and improve security.

Fitness club membership cards can be designed to reflect the personality of your gym, an important consideration in attracting clientele. In addition to custom design, membership fitness club cards can be printed on technology cards that can be encoded for a variety of tasks. For instance, multifunctional membership cards can be used to control access into buildings or rooms, track attendance or be used for cashless payment. The latter is an especially convenient option for food and beverage sales at fitness clubs, as well for towel, locker and equipment rentals.
Designing and printing custom fitness club membership cards is easier than you may think. AlphaCard has all the equipment and support you need to start a card program, no matter how large or small your gym might be.
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