It’s time to celebrate the start of spring weather with some spring cleaning – do you have your ID card printer on that list? ID card printers need care and maintenance to continue running smoothly for years to come, and they are quick and easy to clean too!

What do I need?

You should only use the cleaning kits that your printer manufacturer recommends for your printer model – using the wrong products could damage your printer. You can shop all our cleaning kits here. Or find all the supplies for your printer quickly with our Supply Finder.

Cleaning kits can contain a number of different items. This can include cleaning swabs and pens, alcohol-soaked cards, and cleaning rollers. Each of these parts do a different cleaning job – swabs and pens can get dust off the printhead and other small parts, while a cleaning card will keep the card rollers clean.

How do I clean it?

If you don’t know how to clean your ID card printer, our Technical Support experts are here to help! In our Printer Support section we’ve gathered up a wide range of common support topics, including videos on how clean your printer.

To watch these support videos, just select your printer model from the list. All available videos are listed on the right side of the page in the box labeled “Videos.”

How often should I clean?

It is recommended that you clean your ID card printer every time you change the ribbon – this is the most efficient way, since you will already have your printer open to switch out the old ribbon for a new one, so cleaning will only add a few steps to this process.

You can also clean your printer between ribbons whenever you notice that there is dirt or debris that is impacting your print quality or printer functions.