Choosing the right software to go with your photo ID system is an important decision. Don’t play software roulette. Although the wide variety of software features and functionalities available can seem daunting, we’ve developed a quick and handy way to compare AlphaCard and AlphaTrack software editions with our Software Comparison Guides.

AlphaCard provides software options for card programs of every size from entry-level with basic features for smaller ID programs, to enterprise-solutions for high-volume card printing in networked environments. AlphaCard is available in Light, Standard, Professional, and Enterprise editions.

AlphaTrack offers a platform for visitor management that allows you to verify credentials at the point of entry, track visitors, employees, and equipment with detailed activity logs, create time and attendance reports, and control facility access. AlphaTrack is available in Standard, Professional, and Enterprise editions.

Compare AlphaCard ID Card Software

Compare AlphaTrack Visitor Management Software