Our selection of ID card printers is constantly being updated to offer you the newest and best printing technology. We’ve recently added printers from some of the leading card printer manufacturers, featuring faster print times and more security options!

New Printers from IDP

The newest low to mid-level printer from IDP, the Smart-31 card printer prints full-color cards a full five seconds faster than the older Smart-30 model. Choose from single or dual-sided printing when you order, or upgrade the printer to dual-sided printing later on with a field upgrade.

The IDP Smart-51 ID card printer, an upgrade over the Smart-50 printer, includes a new faster print time so you can easily batch print cards. You can choose from single or dual-sided printing, and USB or Ethernet connectivity. The IDP Smart-51 with lamination allows you to laminate your cards so they last longer and resist tampering.

New Printers from Zebra

Zebra has released a new series of printers, the ZC line. The ZC100 is a single-sided only printer, designed for low-volume card printing, which the ZC300 is available as a single or dual-sided printer with a large full-color LED/LCD screen that makes using the printer easy and intuitive.

If you want to print visually secure ID cards, the ZC350 has three unique printer ribbon options. Choose from a ribbon with pearlescent resin for adding color-shifting images, a ribbon with a silver panel and dye receptive layer for printing 3D effects on your cards, or a ribbon with a long-lasting overlay for either cards that last up to 4x longer OR adding a watermark to your cards.

If you need to print oversized badges (used for VIP passes, press passes, sporting event tickets, concert tickets, convention name badges, and more), the Zebra ZC10L large format printer uses large cards measuring 3.5″ x 5.5″ and prints in full color.

New Printer from Fargo

The Fargo DTC1500 ID card printer is the newest printer in Fargo’s expansive DTC line, with some powerful new features over older models.

If you want visually secure ID cards, one of the biggest improvements Fargo offers with the DTC1500 printer is the ability to design and upload custom overlay watermark designs – at no additional cost! And if you need to protect sensitive data printed on your cards, the DTC1500 also has resin scramble options, which will scramble the resin black panel on your used ribbons so the data cannot be read.

New Printer from Magicard

The Magicard Rio Pro 360 is a powerful update over the Rio Pro ID card printer, with improvements like faster print times (print full color cards in 18 seconds, a five second difference!) and updated HoloKote and Custom HoloKote options.

With the Rio Pro 360 you can now choose from 10 pre-designed HoloKote watermark images that are built into the printer driver, allowing you to add a watermark-style design to your cards. Like the old Rio Pro, the Rio Pro 360 supports a Custom HoloKote that’s unique to your organization – but now you can manage up to 10 unique Custom HoloKote designs directly from the printer driver as well, making it even easier and faster to create truly custom and secure cards.