Mid-sized organizations often look for ID card printers that are powerful and flexible enough to handle all their needs, from creating long-lasting employee IDs to retail rewards and membership cards.

Features of Mid-volume Card Printers

Medium-sized organizations use ID card printers to print cards for every possible need including employee IDs, student IDs, membership cards, and more. Because they are used in such a wide range of industries, the features you’ll find most often are designed to give your organization flexibility:

  • Hoppers that hold between 50 and 100 cards
  • Fast print speeds for full color cards
  • Upgrade options for dual-sided printing
  • Upgrade options for magnetic stripe encoding
  • Upgrade options for Ethernet connectivity (and sometimes this comes standard!)

Some mid-sized ID card printers may also include an upgrade option to add lamination, which helps your cards last longer and better resist tampering.

Shop Mid-level ID Card Systems

We have a wide variety of mid-level card systems from leading printer manufacturers, including:

Each system includes a printer, AlphaCard software for PC or Mac, blank cards, a printer ribbon, cleaning supplies, and a camera so you’re ready to go right out of the box!