If you are using your ID cards as employee IDs for security, building access key cards, cashless payment cards, and more, you’ll want a way to keep the card close at hand throughout the day – consider badge reels! These small accessories work with all clothing, including uniforms, so they can fit into any office or work environment.

Handy Badge Reels

Badge reels come in a wide range of styles, so you can find the reel that works best for your ID card program. Some of your options include:

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Fashion Accessories

And if you’re looking to add some fun style to your ID cards, an especially popular choice in offices where employees wear uniforms, all fashion accessories are on sale through February 29th. Take 20% off neon badge reels, bling rhinestone reels, and designer premium reels.

Custom Badge Reels

If none of these options work for your organization, consider custom printed badge reels. With custom printing you can add the name and logo for your business, organization, event, and more. You can custom print on a wide variety of badge reels including round and square reels.

There are three types of custom printing available:

  • Pad Printing – single color (monochrome) designs
  • Flat Labels – full color designs are printed on a label that is adhered to the reel surface
  • Dome Labels – full color designs printed on a label, with a clear dome over the label

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