This is an important notice for customers with AlphaCard ID software – your software may have reached its end of life. This includes AlphaCard software version 5.x, which began shipping in 2010.

These editions of AlphaCard ID Software have reached end of life:

  • AlphaCard Plus (E6-E8)
  • X2 (E6-E8)
  • Operator/Print Editions (E6-E8)
  • AlphaCard ID Card Software – Standard, Pro & Enterprise 3.4
  • AlphaTrack Standard, Pro & Enterprise 3.4
  • AlphaCard ID Card Software – Light, Standard, Pro & Enterprise 4.3
  • AlphaTrack Standard, Pro & Enterprise 4.3
  • AlphaCard ID Card Software – Light, Standard, Pro & Enterprise 5.x
  • AlphaTrack Standard, Pro & Enterprise 5.x

All currently working installations of your software will continue to function as normal, but it cannot be updated, re-installed, re-activated, or transferred to new computers. Our Technical Support team will continue to support currently working installations with phone, email, and remote assistance.

If you are looking to upgrade your card design software, or more to a new computer, we are recommending that customers upgrade to AlphaCard ID Suite version 10. This user-friendly software is available in five editions, with a wide range of design and database options to fit your business needs. Contact your Sales Representative for upgrade information and promotions.

See the full details on the End of Life FAQ.