With expensive equipment, large supplies of restricted medications, and areas that are off-limits to the public, the healthcare industry requires great security and efficiency. Here you will find all the resources you need for a healthcare ID card program including accessories, card designs, and expert recommendations.

Accessories for Safety & Security

Employee and volunteer badges are incredibly important in helping to identify people in healthcare – access to secured areas often depends on being able to ID employees. To help your employee ID cars face forward at all times, try these specially designed premium no-twist reels.

Badge reels are the most popular ID accessory in many hospitals, clinics, and treatment centers because they keep your ID badge (which often doubles as a key card and cashless payment card) close at hand while you work. The patented design allows the retractable cord to only snap back into place facing one direction so your badge is always visible.

If you work in a lab or come into contact with possible contaminates, consider these anti-microbial breakaway lanyards. The lanyard’s material is coated with nanoparticles to inhibit germ growth and kill odor-causing bacteria. Or choose these non-absorbent vinyl lanyards, making them easy to wipe off.

Healthcare Badge Buddies

In addition to keeping your ID badges facing forward with reels and lanyards, it is essential that your IDs make it quick and easy to identify someone – this is where Badge Buddies come in. These cards clip in behind your staff ID card so the bright, bold text is clearly visible.

Badge Buddies are available in both horizontal and vertical orientation, so they can work with many styles of staff ID cards. The cards are color coordinated, so even if someone cannot read your ID card they can see the large pink, green, orange, or blue stripe of the Badge Buddy from far away.

Awareness Accessories

If your office wants to show support for patients, try these awareness accessories:

Other options for badge reels include these EKG printed badge reels, or baby footprint badge reels.

Free Healthcare Card Templates

If you need to design and print your healthcare badges, check out our gallery of free card design templates!

Designed to work with AlphaCard ID Suite versions Standard, Professional, and Elite, these designs are easy to use. Just download them, add it to your software, and edit the template to include your organization’s information.

Right now we have ten free card templates for healthcare workers, ranging from hospital and clinic employees, pharmacies, senior care facilities, hospice workers, and more. View all the healthcare card templates.

Contact an Industry Expert

Our AlphaCard ID experts have years of experience working with healthcare organizations including clinics, pharmacies, and medical equipment suppliers. You can learn more about our healthcare industry solutions, or contact an expert today.