Employee ID, parking pass, access card – ID cards in the healthcare industry are used for a wide range of tasks. But most importantly, they help keep their offices, and their patients, secure.

Why Use ID Cards in Healthcare?

Many organizations within the large healthcare industry have strict security requirements to help protect their patient’s privacy and limit access to medical equipment and drugs. This makes it essential that staff, security personnel, and patients be able to quickly and accurately identify employees.

ID cards often include the cardholder’s name, a large photo, and any access they have to restricted areas. These cards are also often used to access those same restricted areas as key cards, or to purchase food in a cafeteria. By wearing these cards prominently on their uniforms, every worker helps to improve security.

Free Card Templates

As a special feature for all AlphaCard ID Suite customers with Standard edition or above, we have a gallery with hundreds of free card templates to download and use with your software. Healthcare ID card systems may be especially interested in the Healthcare Templates for clinics, pharmacies, senior care, in-home care, hospice, and more.

These templates are easy to use (see our how-to guide) and customize with your business name, logo, colors, and information.

Badge Buddies

Badge Buddy cards are uniquely designed for use in the healthcare industry – these cards pair with your employee ID badge and make it easy to spot workers, even if you aren’t close enough to read their badge.

With bright colors and bold titles, a Badge Buddy lets you quickly spot doctors, nurses, and more in a busy hospital or clinic. Available in both horizontal and vertical formats, Badge Buddies are an easy way to add security to your workplace.

Shop Badge Buddy cards.

ID Card Accessories

Healthcare workers need to display their ID cards while working – having the right ID card accessories makes that easy.

If your workplace prefers lanyards, consider these:

Do you need to use a badge reel instead, which keeps your ID cards close at hand without getting in your way while you work? Consider:

Learn more about how ID cards are used in healthcare.