Designing cards, getting cardholder information, printing cards, and distributing them – this all takes time and effort, and issuing replacement cards for broken cards just adds more time!

What’s one easy thing you can do to help your cards last longer and reduce the cost and time of replacement cards? Use badge holders!

What Is A Badge Holder?

A plastic badge holder at it’s most basic is essentially a plastic envelope for your cards that protects them from moisture, dirt, and bending. Holders come in a wide range of styles and uses, however, so you can get the level of protection and functionality your specific card program needs.

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Standard clear badge holders are clear, flexible plastic that provide a standard level of protection and added durability. They are easy to use and work with other ID accessories like lanyards, reels, and strap clips.

Proximity badge holders are designed for prox cards, which only need to come near the reader to work. So they “lock” the card into the holder because it doesn’t need to be removed for scanning.

Clip-on and magnetic badge holders are designed for temporary ID’s that cardholders will only use for a short period of time, so they are extremely easy to take on and off. They are often used for visitor passes and conventions.

Colored badge holders are fun colors like green, blue, or red instead of the standard clear plastic. Colored holders are often used for security – each type of cardholder gets a specific color (like teachers vs. students, or IT vs. customer service) to make it easier to identify someone with security clearance or access to restricted areas.

Rigid badge holders are made from thicker plastic, providing more protection for your cards. They better resist bending and snapping and are ideal for long-term cards like employee IDs.

Other specialized badge holders are also available: oversized and event badge holders for large cards, multi-card holders for those who need access to multiple cards, arm-band badge holders if you need to keep ID cards out of the way while working, and even luggage tags!