Wearing an ID badge is a central security measure at many businesses and organizations. But you don’t want those badges to damage your employee’s clothing! Try these clothing-friendly options.

ID Badge Lanyards

Because they are worn around the neck, lanyards are always going to be extremely clothing friendly. Choose from popular lanyards like these:

ID Badge Reels

If you can’t use lanyards, badge reels are the next most popular option. Most badge reels give you the option of a swivel clip or a belt clip to attach the reel to your clothing. A metal swivel clip may damage delicate fabrics, but the belt clips just slip onto your pocket. Choose the belt clip option on popular badge reels like these:

Strap Clips & Pins

Another option is to use a strap clip or pin to display your ID cards. Look for clips and pins with wide plastic parts that won’t pinch, fold, snag, or tear delicate fabrics, like these: