If you need to print hundreds or thousands of cards in a short amount of time, you’ll want to invest in a high-volume ID card printer. Designed for a larger workload, these printers efficiently print large numbers of cards!

What to Look for in High-Volume Printers

Organizations that need to print large numbers of cards at once include schools that print hundreds or thousands of student and staff IDs at the start of each year, event companies that need to print guest badges for conferences, businesses with a large number of employees who get new IDs each year, and more. What do these organizations look for in a card printer?

  • Large capacity hoppers, at least 100 cards but often larger
  • Option for dual hoppers, or hopper upgrades, to hold even more cards
  • High-yield ribbons to go with the larger hopper sizes
  • Fast print speeds for full color cards
  • Ability to handle multiple print jobs at once (especially popular in dual-sided printers, laminating printers, and printers that encode cards)

Shop High-Volume ID Card Systems

AlphaCard carries a wide range of high volume ID card systems, including these popular options:

Each system includes a high-volume printer, AlphaCard software for PC or Mac, blank cards, a printer ribbon, cleaning kit, and digital ID camera so you can start designing and printing cards as soon as your system arrives!