If you want visually secure ID cards without the expensive of printer upgrades or specialty ribbons, we highly recommend our AlphaCard PRO 700 ID card printer with built-in AlphaGuard watermark technology – and it comes with a free Custom AlphaGuard!

What is AlphaGuard?

AlphaCard watermark technology is our built-in visual security system, available on all AlphaCard PRO ID card printers. Using the overcoat panel of YMCKO, YMCKOK, KO, and half-panel YMCKO ribbons, the printer “burns” an image over the top of the printed cards. This means you don’t need any specialty ribbons, cards, or lamination films.

You have several AlphaGuard options with the PRO 700 printer:

  • Use one of the 5 built-in AlphaGuard designs
  • Design a Custom AlphaGuard grid design, included with your printer (a savings of $598)
  • Design a Custom AlphaGuard full-sized design (available for $648)

Learn more about AlphaGuard watermark technology.

Designing & Submitting Your Custom AlphaGuard

When you order an AlphaCard PRO 700 ID card printer, you will be sent an email with instructions on how to design and submit your Custom AlphaGuard watermark using our Custom AlphaGuard design tool.

This tool has all the image requirements you’ll need to follow when designing your image, along with examples of good and bad designs to help you understand the requirements. Once you submit your artwork, we’ll take it and design your Custom AlphaGuard in a secure location and lock it to a physical key card so only you have access to it.

How to Use the Custom AlphaGuard Key

When you get your Custom AlphaGuard, it will have two items – a disk with the file, which you need to load on your computer, and a secure RFID card that is inserted into a special slot inside the printer.

To use your Custom AlphaGuard, first install the files on the CD and then insert the RFID card into your PRO 700 printer.

Printing with Your Custom AlphaGuard

To print cards with your Custom AlphaGuard design, the secure RFID card must be inserted into the printer. While this card is in the printer, the Custom AlphaGuard will automatically print on every card.

If you want to print cards without an AlphaGuard watermark, or to use one of the pre-set AlphaGuard designs, you need to take the RFID card out of the printer.