Do you have the new AlphaCard ID Suite v11 card software and want to make sure you’re using the software to the best of its abilities? Check out our online help files for guides and tutorials!

Don’t have AlphaCard ID Suite, but want more information on card software? You can download a FREE trial of AlphaCard ID Suite v11 and try out each edition of the software for six weeks!

Getting Started Guides

These Getting Started guides are designed to walk you through the first steps the very first time you open your card software.

To help you get familiar with the software we’ve provided a starter template you can download – then our guides show you how to import that template, and how to start designing your own custom cards by updating the starter template. See the AlphaCard ID Suite v11 Getting Started Guides.

Want a larger selection of starter card templates? Check out our free online card template gallery!

How To Guides

Once you’ve got a basic card template set up in AlphaCard ID Suite, our How To Guides cover the basic steps you may need to take next including how to set up a dual-sided template and print it, or how to connect a database.

See the AlphaCard ID Suite v11 How To Guides.